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Conquer your dream of transforming into a pilot as far as you wish! San Jose Flying Lessons offers classes for pilots of any skill level to receive the license they dream more »

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Welcome to the world over the clouds! San Jose Flying Lessons is excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to the unbelievable sport of flying. read more »

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Discovery Flight Gift from San Jose Flying Lessons. They are the utmost gift for a growing aviator! read more »

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Have you ever experienced the captivating impulse to explore what it would be like to weave in-between the clouds? Whether you simply want to offer someone the experience of a lifetime or take control of an aircraft yourself, San Jose Flight Training is prepared to satisfy each of your flight desires. Our professional pilots can help formulate and boost the liberating feeling of flight as well as offer you a bird’s eye view of San Jose’s landscape and popular landmarks like Downtown San Jose, Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, Alum Rock Park, Santana Row, San Jose Municipal Rose Garden and more. As if this isn’t enough to fit the saying “experience of a lifetime”, through tuition and guidance of our trained pilots you will be able to fly the plane through a diverse range of maneuvers that will challenge you mentally and physically. It is an experience that leaves you expecting and yearning for more from flying and life alike.

Start Flying above San Jose, California!

Become a part of the #1 flight lessons reservation network in San Jose! Utilizing qualified pilots and instructors who have years of flying experience under his/her belt, we have a huge network of flight instructors that is unbeatable. This large network supports us to administer you with high-quality flight schools and a easy reservation process to separate us from the competition.

If you are looking to earn a pilot's license, add to your ratings or wanting to conquer your fear of flying, simply allow us to provide you with the suitable flight school to meet your requirements. While there are a vast amount of schools to pick, you may rest assured that our staff has hand selected only the most devoted and established instructors in California as a partner of our flight training network.

We make sure that all of our customers are both safe and comfortable. At San Jose Flying Lessons, we never stop working in order to give you more than a typical flying adventure. Instead of imitating the action, we will match you with a flight instructor that gives you the REAL action of flying, directly from the pilot's seat of an aircraft.

Call San Jose Flying Lessons immediately at 669-245-7170 to reserve a spot!

  • Beech Bonanza A36 Before Takeoff.
    Beech Bonanza A36 Before Takeoff.
  • Twin Engine Cessna 421 in Flight.
    Twin Engine Cessna 421 in Flight.
  • Pre-flight Aircraft Inspection.
    Pre-flight Aircraft Inspection.
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